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Jan 31, 2013 5:30am PST
and using more clean energy. the mainland government is looking to that similar long- term measures. it has a identified 90 he cites as smart cities, environmentally friendly zones created using the latest technology. that is expected to take another 3-5 years. one businessman took to the streets giving out cans of fresh air that was collected in less polluted parts of the country. >> still to come, sudan's sporting passion. tough economic times do not stop people from getting to the horse races. >> find out how the subway system in moscow is being expanded. >> we have lots of unsettled weather with us across the middle east. on the satellite picture, we see a cloud of cold air. we have a huge blanket of cold air going into iran. even toward the west, it is on subtle. in the next couple of days, these systems will run their way east. the heavier downpours will be pushing away toward the east. they are making their way into parts of afghanistan. the wet weather will stretch through parts of iran. some of the downpours are likely to be heavy. just the tail end of the system affecting us furth
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am PST
's biggest energy companies. they accuse shell of polluting fish ponds and damaging their croup's--crops -- crops. in a moment, we will speak live to our correspondent. first, let's hear from simon mcgregor-wood him outside the court in the hague -- simon mcgregor-wood, outside the court in the hague. >> it is not a complicated verdict. there were five cases being brought against shell. the judge decided that shell was only liable for one of the five. in that case, shell, the company in nigeria, could have done more to prevent the sabotage of a pipeline, which was then the cause of terrible pollution in one of the villages. happiness for those villagers, but disappointment for the villagers in the other cases. i'm joined by the lawyer who represented the four nigerian farmers and dutch friends of the earth. thank you very much for joining us. a mixed verdict. are you disappointed with it? >> no, i would not say that. it could have been better. overall, it is quite a good outcome for us. at least show was held liable in one of the cases. that is a good start -- at was held liable
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2